Review of Tiana Clark’s “I Can’t Talk about the Trees without the Blood” @ Full-Stop

I'm very excited to share a new book review is live at I enjoyed taking a close look at Tiana Clark's splendid and range-y debut, I Can't Talk about the Trees without the Blood, from the University of Pittsburgh Press. Many thanks to the Jesse Miller and the rest of the Full-Stop team. Here... Continue Reading →

A New Review of “Holy Moly Carry Me” by Erika Meitner @ The Adroit Journal Blog

I wrote a review of Holy Moly Carry Me by Erika Meitner, which The Adroit Journal published. Thanks to editor Lauren Korn. Read the full review here. Within Holy Moly Carry Me, Meitner splices private and political with public record, lived experience, and history. There is reportage. There are rhetorical reversals. There is playfulness—for instance, the poem “And Still... Continue Reading →

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